The Company was established in the beautiful small town of Trento, in the year 1895. Sitting in the middle of the green-and-pale-white Dolomite Alps, Trento represented then as now a rather good place to live and work. The splendid nature surrounding Trento on all sides provides us inhabitants with quality life and inspiration.

  As a complete mechanical workshop, at the end of the nineteenth century we were designing and manufacturing a variety of steel products for several different contexts of application. We were also operating our own metal foundry.

  Due to its production capacity, the Company was forcefully militarized during the First World War, in order to support the military effort.

  Bombed and completely destroyed, at the reconstruction after the war we started developing technology and machinery for bitumen processing, such as storage tanks, kettles and melters, equipment for bitumen emulsions, then later on production machinery for roofing felts.   Therefore the early part of the past century marked the beginning of our long experience in the field of bitumen processing.

  This huge background of specific experience allows us today to say
“WE SPEAK BITUMEN”

  The Second World War took once more our Company’s plant to total destruction. Happy to be still alive, for the second time the family rolled up the sleeves and started from scratch again.

  Never leaving by the side our engagement with the bitumen processing equipment, become our core business as Country’s reconstruction was pushing high the demand for manufacturing roofing and waterproofing goods, at the beginning of the fifties we succeeded developing the first heat transfer oil industrial heater in Italy. This was an important technical achievement, because for all the bitumen-related processes a hot oil-based heating system was evidently much more suitable than that steam heating traditionally and solely used until then.

  It is no surprise to us to be asked today to service hot oil heaters installed fifty and more years ago, and still well in operation. Our products are not simply consisting of quality components: they include knowledge, experience, care and solid craftsmanship.

  The key concept that sets Menestrina apart as a Company is our conviction that each and every Customer and his project need and deserve our total care, attention and support. And we do that, always and with full conviction.

  We typically establish long-term relationships and involvement with Customers, co-operating on putting needs on focus, setting targets, sharing knowledge and experience, and developing solutions.

  As a small-sized Company by choice since our foundation, we have always capitalized a high value of craftsmanship, which translates into caring for personal relationship, love for the single details, passion for the products.

  Our mission is not chasing always increasing volumes or always bigger figures: our mission is keeping high our quality standards, those same standards that have made it possible to us to ride the waves over twelve long and turbulent decades.