Imperbel SA, Perwez, Belgium, manufacturer of Derbigum® bituminous membranes, and us, manufacturers of engineered machinery, have joined forces and shared on the market our technology for modified bitumen roofing wastes recycling into production, in the spirit of a real circular economy environment.

 Imperbel and Menestrina are proud to be the only companies in this sector who can claim to have their recycling machinery fully integrated in production since almost 25 years. The recycling machinery has been submitted to uninterrupted evolution and development over this long time span, resulting in the current MAC set-up, a recycling system unrivalled in terms of experience and associated technology.

  In order to define how can the MAC technology be tailored so that it will provide its best results, every case needs to be studied carefully. This goes through the development of a preliminary feasibility study, which will allow the practical determination of:

  • the quality of the so-called Gumix (the New Recycled Raw Material), in order to design its optimal integration into the membrane production process
  • the productivity of the MAC system, in order to define the possible volumes in play, which in turn regard the production strategy and the Capex payback planning.

  Once the Feasibility Study has been positively finished, taking full advantage of their vast experience Imperbel and us will define which particular configuration of MAC equipment best suits the final application.

  Given that the intellectual property of the MAC belongs to Imperbel, it has been agreed that each potential inquiry requires Imperbel’s case-by-case validation before being processed. The decision to move forward on each specific inquiry will be therefore at the sole discretion of Imperbel.


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