Designers and manufacturers of hot oil heaters since the fifties, we have never lost our passion for a well-done product, expression of craftsmanship.

  We do not follow any series-oriented manufacturing procedure:  today like yesterday we assembly our hot oil heaters series Olitherm putting in place so much care and skill that every one piece is a masterpiece.

  Our heaters are designed to provide the highest operating safety, also in the case of prolonged or even constant thermal overload.   This is achieved thanks to having limited the Mean Thermic Flow in the range of the extremely low values (between 10,000 and 18,000 Kcal/m2h), together with similarly very low values of Thermic Load inside the Combustion Chamber (between 120,000 and 190,000 Kcal/m3h).

  A rational speed profile of the hot oil flowing through the heater’s tube nests ensures a uniform heat transmission coefficient virtually in any portion of the heat exchanging surface, thus preventing the fluid from being damaged by localized overheating.

  You will ask yourselves where the error is as you will notice that a standard furnace from the marketplace could find place inside the combustion chamber alone of a same power Olitherm heater.   Size too means, and this is another evidence of the robust concept and heavy-duty construction that together provide peace of mind to our Customers.

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