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  At Menestrina we can truly say “We speak bitumen”, as it is in fact since the twenties that we deal with bitumen processing.

  Whether it is simply a matter of storing larger or smaller quantities of bitumen, or in-line charging bitumen with hot and dry mineral powder, or producing solvent-based paints and enamels, or preparing the dosed addition of the components of water-based liquid emulsions, or producing thixotropic paste emulsions, Menestrina can provide reliable machinery and equipment backed by a huge wealth of experience.

  Mixers, heat exchangers, vessels, tailored components and instruments, advanced control systems that can be remotely monitored via the Internet:  we can provide all what is necessary to assembly a suitable production unit tailored to the specific Customer’s requirements.

  As the logic complement to the main equipment, Menestrina manufactures its own comprehensive line of components specifically engineered for bitumen, as large heated basket strainers, 2way and 3way heated valves that can be either manual or servo-controlled, level bubblers, samplers, etc.














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