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   With so many decades of field experience dealing with bitumen blowing plants, the Company takes advantage of the lessons learnt in the everyday’s real-life operation in the most different environments.


   This solid background goes to the full advantage of our Customers.


   Bitumen blowing is in principle a well-known process, but as a matter of fact operating a blowing unit can be more or less practical depending on a number of smaller and bigger details here and there in the way the plant and the equipment are designed and set-up.


   Taking care of all details, including the small ones, is a typical key point of our Company’s way of working.


   We can cover the full bitumen blowing process environment, from the base materials storage to the finished products delivery, including everything in between.


   For each aspect of the process we provide clever solutions developed always going for the simplest and less complicated available choices. Avoiding as much as possible complications and very sophisticated systems is one of the winning lessons we have learnt on our way to today.



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